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Refugee Health Network Queensland launches welcome poster for Refugee Week.

RNHQ Welcome Poster

For Refugee Week 2019, the Refugee Health Network Queensland has released a welcome poster to promote inclusivity for people of refugee backgrounds in healthcare settings. The poster has been 2 years in the making, which sounds like a very long time, but is the result of considerable community consultation with the “G11” Refugee Health Advisory Group to ensure that the message and spirit of the poster works across a range of communities. 

The original concept arose when nurses from the Mater Refugee Health Service attended the North American Refugee Health Conference in Toronto in 2017 and heard Gabriel Schirvar of IOM speak on intersectionality and LGBTI health issues within refugee health. On return to Brisbane, they approached the Refugee Health Network Queensland about developing a poster which could be used across a range of clinical settings and promote welcome for people regardless of their visa status, cultural, ethnic or religious background and promote inclusivity for marginalised groups within those communities, such as those with disabilities, and those identifying as LGBTIQ+. 

Feedback from the G11 was integral to the project and has resulted in significant changes to the design, the photos and the message: “This clinic provides care for everyone, regardless of their differences. All different, all equal”. The G11 also provided the translations of the text into seven different languages – Arabic, Tigrinya, French, Swahili, Somali, Nepali and Dari. 

To view and download the poster to use in your clinic, please click the button below.

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